Blackhead pore remover

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ELIMINATE BLACKHEADS & ACNE FOREVER: Our acne/blackhead vacuum remover tool is the product of years of technological advancement in the skin-health industry. We use Negative Vacuum Technology to make it all possible. Our skin care tool is used by thousands of people from all over the world. It's changing lives.

PROFESSIONAL DERMATOLOGICAL TREATMENT: Going to the dermatologist is expensive. Now, you can treat your skin to a medical-grade skin treatment from the comforts of your own home and for a fraction of the price.

HOW IT WORKS: Our skin care tool removes your blackheads and advanced pimples from the depth of your pores. While removing your pores, the outer layer of the skin is caressed using gentle abrasion to encourage new, healthy, and young skin cells. The vacuum effect enhances your blood circulation to restore collagen and elastin within your skin. The end result? Younger, firmer, smoother skin that glows with health!

How many times have you used creams and lotions and your skin problems only improved, initially? After you discontinue the product, your blackheads, acne, and pores come back with a vengeance. Our pore vacuum is designed to remove skin blemishes and impurities FOREVER. You'll love how the tool quickly and efficiently removes blackheads and pimples. Not only will you gain amazing looking skin but you'll gain confidence and self-esteem.

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Color: Ivory white/Rose gold

Material: ABS.

Size: 15.7x4.3x4cm.

Power: USB Charging.

Suction: 53KPA.

Packing: Color box

Package Include:

1 x Facial Pore Blackhead Vacuum Suction Remove Machine

5 x Probes

1 x USB Cable


Remember to keep moving when using, do not stay in one place too long.