Professional quality chain screw adopter

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Sick and tired of banging away on screws and wasting time? We've got a woodworking tool that is totally going to blow your mind! Your DIY projects just got quicker, easier, and more convenient. You really need to have this adapter in your toolbox. Very easy to install and turns any electric power drill into an automatic chain nail gun. Pretty cool, eh? You see, our product serves as an attachment. Simply pop it onto your drill and voila! Now, you can nail in screws easier and faster than ever before! You have the power to install up to 50 screw nails with a single chain. That's incredible!

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- Easy to install onto an electric power drill or screwdriver

- Better accuracy when screwing and nailing

- Works well with any wireless or wired electric drills or screwdrivers

- Makes a great gift

Note: A 150mm Phillips Screwdriver Bit is required when using this adapter.


Type: Coil Nail Gun

Application: Wood Power

Source: Electricity

Package Inclusions

1 x Chain Nail Gun Adapter 1 x Chain (with screws)